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Mario kart games


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It's something special when a game creates an entire genre or as in the case of Mario Kart, a subgenre. Even though there have been Super Mario racing games before that, where the action was colourful, it was Super Mario Kart on the SNES that really established the genre of fun racers. Not only many games in this genre should follow, but also numerous Mario Kart offshoots for various Nintendo consoles. The colourful hustle and bustle on the karts was a delight for the players right from the start and is popular with both casual and intensive players. Because nothing is as it seems. Just a few minutes ago at number 1, it can quickly go all the way to the back. Bananas, tanks and stars - everything you already know from the Super Mario games has been introduced here in the form of a Fun Racer. Here you can play a nicely designed versions of Mario Kart online.

Play classic action with scrolling to the side or jump, run, swim and even fly in a variety of challenges in the Mario world. There are many different genres, from classic formats to races to puzzles. All mario kart games offer at least one character from the classic video game series, but most games have more. Play in these adventures alongside a buddy of the famous video game character, such as Luigi, Yoshi or even Princess Peach. If you're looking for an extra challenge, there are plenty of games to play against Bowser and many other fearsome enemies!

Easy to learn controls and a fast learning curve are integral parts of all mario kart games. In most cases you control it only with the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can let your character run, jump and drive through a variety of game environments simply by using these four keys. In other Mario kart challenges, you can use the mouse for complete control and move it across the screen and click to do stunts. In addition to typical N64-based fun, many games offer alternative action, such as playing golf or riding a dirt bike. In themed golf games, you can shoot the golf ball through pipes and over obstacles like mushrooms. In themed dirt bike games, you'll drive around the Nintendo 64 world and do tricks.